Official Rules:
1. A donation of $20 per number is required; and can only be made using a VHS Warhawk
Touchdown Club 30 Days of Outdoor Fun Raffle Ticket. All donations must be paid prior
to receiving the raffle ticket.
2. Beginning June 1, 2021 and each day of the month a prize will be given away. The 30
Days of Outdoor Fun Raffle winning number will be the same number has the Georgia
Lottery Mid-Day Cash 3 Number.
3. Player must match their number in exact order to those drawn by the Georgia Lottery
Mid-Day Cash 3 number.
4. A maximum of 1000 numbers will be sold. Numbers 000 through 999, no additional
numbers will be added.
5. Winning numbers will be posted on the VHS Touchdown Club Facebook page and the
Warhawks Football Website at or you can view numbers at
6. Once you have been assigned a number you will have that number for all 30 daily
7. If by chance the winning number has not been sold, then the winner will be determined
by the traditional raffle method. A designated member of Veterans Touchdown Booster
Club will draw another number from the pool of all sold numbers.
8. If a number is unsold, VHS Touchdown Booster Club reserves the right to sell any unsold
number for a future raffle date at a cost equal to the number of remaining days of the
raffle time $1 plus a $5 premium.
9. Three (3) attempts will be made to notify the winner by phone or email
10. The ticket owner must provide proof of identification to claim prize at Chuck’s Gun and
Pawn Shop
11. You need not be present to win, however all prizes must be claimed within 30 days of
winning drawing date or risk losing their prize
12. The winner is responsible for making arrangements to pick up their prize from Chuck’s
Gun and Pawn Shop at 603 Watson Blvd, Warner Robins, GA. Only the person named on
the ticket may claim the prize.
Georgia State Raffle License Number: 2021-010
Visit / VHS Touchdown Club Facebook Page
Email: or call Emily Magoon at 850-228-6637