Touchdown Club

Purpose and Role of the Touchdown Club

A booster club is defined as “an organization that is formed to help support the efforts of a sports team or organization. Support is shown in many ways, including volunteering time, raising money, and contributing funds to better enhance the team or organization’s performance.” 

Another definition is “a booster club provides enthusiastic support of a team or organization.” This type of support is much like emotional or psychological parental support, but is given in a collective manner. Booster clubs play a key role in supporting Veterans High School athletics in many ways, and we are very thankful for the positive contributions booster clubs provide to our programs. Booster clubs may perform, meet, or organize in any way, in accordance with the above-stated definition, that supports or ‘boosts’ the program they are formed to support. 

It is the charge of the district administration and athletic director at Veterans High School to ensure that booster clubs operate within their defined parameters. 

Touchdown Club Objectives 

  • Volunteer time.
  • Raise money.
  • Contribute funds to better enhance the team or organization’s performance.
  • Listen and work closely with the head coach, as the head coach is the director of the sport program.
  • Print promotional items (subject to approval by the head coach and the school athletic office).
  • Financially support the program by providing additional funding for coaches, staff, and event workers.
  • Organize team events, such as pre- or post-game dinners or social events during the season.




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